Embers of A Perfect World

Band Members :
Warren Menezes - Vocals
Jude Mascarenhas - Guitars
Kadesh Dsouza - Guitars
Aaron Braganza - Bass
Jairaj Joshi - Drums

Embers of A Perfect World is an Experimental Metal band from Panaji, Goa, formed in early 2010. With their music a unique blend of styles ranging from plain good old metal, progressive metal, melodic death to a tinge of thrash and speed metal. Their sound is recognizable with intensely catchy head banging tunes, deep growls, driving metal bass and that machine gun double bass drum along with a few solos thrown in here and there to please a few. The pure amalgamation of five passionate and driven musicians is evident in their live gigs, whether they are covering LOG’S fast paced classic Laid to Rest or a progressive groovy side of metal with their original “The End Begins Here”. Part of the success of the band relies on their mutual respect and understanding of each other’s musicality as every member takes an active role in the song writing process. With their musically diverse backgrounds and tastes all adding to the creative mix, their songs emerge from their lengthy practice sessions, each unique yet definitely Embers of a perfect world. Their gig jaunt has included performances to college based audiences and concerts, the most recent being “Rock In Goa” organized by Goa’s top rock band Bad Blood in which they performed their first original “The End Begins Here” to a sell out audience. The band also bagged the second place at 2010’s Battle of the Bands organized by “Slipdisc Entertainment”. Since then they have been honing their sound and song writing as well as recording their music at “Angel Studios” in the compilation towards their first EP.

Single Track List :

1. The End Begins Here  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2
2. Scientific Calculator
3. Slap Her She's French

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