Fade / The UnderGods / The Rubber Band

Band Members :
Shantanu - Guitars
Paul - Bass 
Jay - Drums
RJ (Ritvik Joshi) - Vocals

Fade is a Thrash / Death Metal band from Vadodara, Gujarat, formed in 2006. The band has now changed it's name to 'The UnderGods' and later split. Except for RJ all other members were part of a band called Liquid Metal fronted by Magnus Roberts which split up. The ex-members of Liquid Metal recruited RJ to form Fade. The UnderGods are now known as The Rubber Band. Fade released a demo album and only album titled “The Demo”, which was produced and released by the band on its own. International Metal Music magazine The Right Hand Path has review of “The Demo”, probably the one and only review on the Internet. Having since performed numerous shows, Fade now finds itself at nearly the end of its particular journey. The name Fade stems from a rejection of everything that the world takes for granted, the philosophy that everything changes, everything fades, nothing dies. Their songs focus on the darker side of the human mind. This concept album describes but one story, while the world, and everyone in it, is just another eye of the storm surrounded by a whirling mass of psychosis. Just like everyone else. Like you, and me.

Demo "The Demo" 2009 Track List :

1. Warcry
2. Going Down
3. Shackled
4. Segue
5. Denied
6. Endgame

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