Band Members :
Arjun Bala - Vocals
Suraj Dutt - Guitars
Vimal Krishna - Guitars
Debashish - Bass
Varun Sood - Drums

Innerskin is a Metal / Progressive / Hard Rock band from Bangalore, formed in 2006. The idea behind this whole band was that of the guitarist Vimal and drummer Phil. After numerous line ups and numerous disbanding of the line up due to several reasons, Innerskin found a stable line up in 2008. Innerskin is more inclined towards hard rock and just metal minus the growls as the band wanted to bring back metal with clean vocals in the local band scene because it was found out that there was dearth of such bands in Bangalore. There is a big variation in the individual music tastes of each member in the band which turns out to be quite an advantage. Innerskin believes to be versatile so as to cater any kind of audiences without feeling stuck to a certain segment of music. The band likes to experiments from new sounds including Indian music and finally get out something very innovative blending in the essentials.

Single Track List :

1. Falling Blinds   Download: Mp3 1  Mp3 2  

Click Here To Listen Tracks


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