Band Members :
Sameer Rahat – Vocals / Bass

Joshish is a Post-Progressive Rock band from Bhopal now based in Mumbai, formed in April 2006. The word "Joshish" is an Arabic-Persian word that means Enthusiasm. The band members define Joshish as their zeal and passion for music. Ever since its origin, the band has been all over the press with papers doing stories on the band, scores of radio channel interviews and also exclusive media coverage of most of the gigs, and simultaneously the band is busy in the studios, recording the originals. Currently the band is working on their debut album titled "Ird-Gird".

Single Track List :

1. Ho Subah   Video
2. Still Not Too Late
3. Betukay  Mp3 Download YouTube
4. Manaazil
5. Bewajah
6. Maujood  Mp3 Download YouTube 
7. Taar-Ruf
8. New Dawn  Video 
9. Riha

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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