Band Members :
Viren - Vocals
Shivam - Keyboards
Nishant - Guitars
Sonic - Bass
Nirvan - Drums

Kaash is a Hindi Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2008. The band blends Indian melodies and sensibilities with a scorching Rock backbone, creating an ingenious sound, which emancipates a sea of emotions and nostalgia in the heart of its listeners. Kaash is a band blessed with both strength and intellect, architects of a true Hindi Rock sound they bring a sense of freshness and spontaneity. Their songs sound both honest and genuine; and have a sense of striking purity, undeniable magic and an unmistakable originality.

Demo 'Chupke Se' 2009 Track List :

1. Main Laut Aaunga  YouTube
2. Kaash  YouTube
3. Abhi Na Ja  YouTube 
4. Yaadein  YouTube
5. Chup Ke Se  YouTube

Album "Kaash" 2012 Track List :

1. Main Laut Aaunga  YouTube
2. Aankhon Mein  YouTube  
3. Saawan  Mp3 Download YouTube 
4. Abhi Na Ja  YouTube 
5. Kaash  YouTube
Chup Ke Se  YouTube
7. Yaadein  YouTube

Single Track List :

1. Dil Giraftaar  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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  1. awesome Songs..
    Your Band Rocks

  2. Viren's voice makes this band different.
    loved the song- main laut aaunga.

  3. Awesome songs...do come with new ones please!!!

  4. Main laut aaunga is my all time favorite. The lyrics seem so perfect and the singer's voice sounds so genuine. In love with that song. Keep up the good work!

  5. Your songs"mai laut aaunga, yaaden & aankho mai"is Awesome songs

  6. i m making a your video... plz contact me kass band member 8358982217


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