Band Members :
Nischal - Vocals
Amik - Guitars
Anmol - Bass
Nawa - Drums
Jageswar - Keyboards
Sewanty - Vocals

Kavya is a Rock band from Darjeeling (basically from Panighatta), formed in 2007 (ie. 07.07.07, which is accidental, not planned). The band is a set of six members that includes a kid girl (Sewanty) from Darjeeling, whom they met in 2007 and requested to join the band. The boys were shocked to see a class III studying kid dreams to join the band. The band has composed some rock numbers with a blend of soft and metal. The group say that though kavya has varied meanings, ofcourse "epic" in English but still to them its a long story chained together with smaller stories. They feel that their journey to the spheres and world of music has been such. So they like to reflect such changes in their thoughts through music which also carry different stories on their own. They believe sun as their chief instructor and guide under whom they trained besides many others who came across their lives.                                        

Album 'The Story Begins' 2009 Track List :

1. Iswar Pachi  YouTube
2. Gorkhali Bhasa  YouTube
3. Kasari Bhanu  YouTube
4. Na Na Na  YouTube
5. Engine Gari  YouTube 
6. The Story Begins  YouTube 


Single Track List :

1. The Witch of The Nights  YouTube 
2. Heavily Panful Love  YouTube 
3. Drugs  YouTube 
4. Monster Where Are you

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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