Band Members :
Shahid - Vocals / Guitars
Nikhil - Guitars
Arnab Roy - Drums

Pralayh is an Alternative / Rock n' Roll band from Bangalore formed in December 2008. It is a group of individuals with different views having a common goal, to make good original inspiring music in Hindi. Having no such intention to stick to one particular genre of music has given them the flexibility to write songs. The common factor in all the songs being the melody which is the strong point of the band’s compositions. With the members of the band influenced by various kinds of music such as heavy metal, alternative, punk, post punk n pop, the resulting music is varied but can be classified broadly under Rock n Roll. Lyrically the songs deal with girls, relationships, life and life. With some songs having more weightage on the words used and others giving more importance to the meaning. Speaking of issues and feelings that everyone goes through at some point in their life Pralayh has managed to connect with the audience and give voice to their thought. With such strong songs and belief in each others ability, it is easy for Pralayh to play confidently onstage which has led them to be respected as one of the tightest and energetic live bands. Although it is recommended to watch Pralayh live to really experience the band, as they have been told that the energy and intensity of their live shows is not captured in the recording. 

Single Track List :

1. Hum Na Jaane  Mp3 Download Video
2. Mere Yaar
3. Dreaming In French
4  Unhe Bhoolo Tum
5. Yaadein
6. Kaun Ho Tum
7. Yeh Na Bole
8. The Mamu Song
9. Jiye Yahan
10. Nayi Zindagi
11. Teen Din  Mp3 Download 
12. Bas Ek Jhoot  (Live)Mp3 Download 
13. Teri Yaad
14. Ankahee 
15. Itna Zor
16. Nahi Badlegi (Jaan Nahi Loonga)
17. Empty The Tables
18. Safedh Roshni

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