Radial Dispersion

Band Members :
Anupam - Vocals / Flute
Akshay - Drums
Aditya - Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals
Naval - Lead Guitar
Prashin - Bass Guitar
Shabarish - Percussions

Radial Dispersion is a Rock / Experimental / Fusion band from Mumbai. It all started on a building terrace where Anupam and Akshay brought their flute and tabla to jam for their own amusement. A couple of weeks later, they drew the foundation of a band, coming together for a project called 10th Bass which after a few gigs and lineup changes evolved into Radial Dispersion. They believe in the concept of music having no boundaries, so genre has never been their limitation. This is the very thought that binds them together and brings musicians like them from diverse backgrounds ranging from Indian Classical to Funk & Blues to Rock. 

Brief about the members :

Naval tries to incorporate everything he listens to in his playing style, the outcome resulting in solos and catchy riffs that tend to keep ringing in your mind.

Prashin is the latest addition to the band, brings his western influences into the band's music and always wants to keep moving around his groovy bass lines.

Aditya with his sound support provides them rhythm and backing harmony vocals. He is one of the craziest members on stage and the chocolate boy of the band.

Akshay is the saint in disguise having learned the tabla for quite a few years picked up the drums & has retained his style of playing but now with two sticks.

Shabarish is a thorough Carnatic percussionist who decided to venture into fusion has beautifully stitched himself into the band. He along with his different sounds of percussion gives the band a unique touch and brings the aura to each song.

Anupam is a vocalist of the band and a versatile musician, passionate about music irrespective of which instrument it is, elevates the band with his mesmerizing flute melodies and vocals.

Single Track List :

1. Des   Mp3 Download   

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