Band Members :
Himangshu Rava - Vocals / Guitars
Abhishek Boro - Lead Guitars
Shaveer Ahmed (Felix) - Bass
Rui Xing - Drums

Rampazze is a Hard Rock / Rock 'n' Roll / Classic Rock band from Delhi (basically from Guwahati), formed in 2006. Rampazze sticks to their bluesy roots while delivering their music in an edgier fashion. They've been classified by some as glam/classic rock/blues but their sound is their own and the Rampazze experience is a electrifying, high energy act out to rapture rock music lovers. With their impressive, groovy and interesting riffs; wild stage histronics; and their tongue-in-cheek lyrics they are bound to rip the stage apart and blow you off. Rampazze opened for the Finland band 'Poets of the Fall' at IIT Kanpur in 2007 and have performed at various other top notch shows including June Rock Out (JRO) in Chennai, Underground Pub Fest, Fete De La Musique, Kryptonite (Jamia Milia - headlining act), Independance Rock XXIII Delhi Finalists, Campus Rock Idols, SPA (Delhi), BITS Pilani and Jack Daniel's Indian Rock Music Awards just to name a few where they have won many accolades as the best band, best original composition,st band, best original composition, best guitarist, best vocalist, best drummer, best bassist (all included!). There were many line-up changes and till date there have been many compositions done and all have gone down through the crowd pretty well. They are coming up with their latest album "Neighbourhood Decedants".

EP 'Cheap Liquor...Wicked Hangover' 2009 Track List :

1. Cheap Liquor...Wicked Hangover  Mp3 Download Video (Live)Video
2. Son of A Gun  Mp3 Download (Live)Video
3. Roll With Me Mama  Mp3 Download
4. Feel The Heat  Mp3 Download
5. Lady Killer  Mp3 Download

Single Track List :

1. Inspiration  Video 

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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