Band Members :
Amit Yadav - Vocals / Guitars / Songwriting / Synths / Programming
Yapang Lemtur - Bass / Backing Vocals
Deepak Singh - Drums
Anshul Bansal - Songwriting
Live Session Member :
Nikhil Auluck - Guitars

Sifar is an Alternative Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2008. Striving to achieve a straight up, modern rock sound unlike most other Hindi rock bands which focus on either folk or fusion. Sifar means zero, a never ending circle that means nothing. Sifar is voted as the "2nd Best Rock Band" in South Asia in the Indiego Music Awards 2011 and nominated as "Best Rock Band" in Artist Aloud Awards 2012. Currently the band is working on their album titled "2" which will be releasing soon.

EP "Sifar" 2011 Track List :

1. Roko Na Mujhe
2. Gunah
3. Main Jaaonga  YouTube 

Album "1" 2011 Track List :

1. Main Jaaonga  YouTube 
2. Roko Na Mujhe
3. Chal Diye  YouTube 
4. Mita Do  Mp3 Download YouTube 
5. Gunah
6. Raasta
7. Aakhiri Din  Video  
8. Kala Aasman  YouTube  
9. Commonwealth Insaan
10. TV

Album "2" 2013 Track List :

1. Daastan  YouTube 
2. Shaitan
3. Aaj Kal  YouTube 
4. Tarse  YouTube 
5. Dhuan
6. Sapney
7. Chhattis Baar Suna  Video
8. Mita Do (Remix by Sachin Mittra)  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Dil Ki Sada  YouTube 
2. Fanaa ft.Shivangi Bhayana  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
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  1. the track "Mita Do (Keos Peet Remix)":

    by keos peet

  2. I like roko na mujhe, kaalaa aasmaan, mita do by this band "Sifar"

  3. I like roko na mujhe, kaalaa aasmaan, mita do by this band "Sifar"


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