Elvish Mirage

Band Members :
Shivam Aggarwal - Vocals
Sandarsh Srivastav - Guitars
Vishesh Kapil - Guitars
Joy Francis - Bass

Stephen Ulrich - Drums

Elvish Mirage is a Progressive Metal band from Shimla, formed in 2010 by Shivam, Vishesh and Stephen as a Thrash/Death Metal band. Band's name, 'Elvish Mirage' means 'Mystical Illusion' which describes our sound which has no boundaries. Band was conceived after weeks of jamming together just for the love of music. Band has gone through many changes in the lineup from the time it first came into existence.

EP "Reflections in Flickering Hope" 2011 Track List :

1. A Lullaby For The Soul  Mp3 Download YouTube  
2. Tears of Solitude  Mp3 Download YouTube


Single Track List :

1. Hell Ride  Mp3 Download  
2. I Dream

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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