Existence Failed

Band Members :
Amrut Sathe - Vocals
Sarang Aigalikar - Guitars

Siddharth Bandal - Guitars
Amrit Ramakrishnan - Bass

Viraj Sose - Drums

Existence Failed is a Groove Metal band from Pune, formed in March 2010. The band was formed by Soham, Siddharth and Viraj back in 2008/09. The band plays an amalgamation of Modern Metal, which can be best described as Groove-laced rhythm structures, melodic interludes and powerful vocals, sprinkled with polyrhythms and massive low end chugging. The name of the band draws its inspiration from the futile over-estimation by man, of himself as a specie. The band has released their their debut 6-track EP titled 'Interlusion' at Thought Plate Records.

EP "Interlusion" 2014 Track List :

:Full track list not yet known:

1. Solitary Rebellion  YouTube
2. Total Perspective Vortex
3. Fall From Grace
4. Absolution

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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  1. hmm i have seen deze guyzz live dey r totally awesome!!


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