Fire Exit

Band Members :
Subhadra Kamath - Vocals
Aashish Mandhwani - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Aditya Roy - Bass
Varun Gupta - Tabla / Percussion / Sampling / Keyboards
Tejas Agarwal - Drums
Former Members :
Aditya Iyer - Drums
Arjun Shankar - Guitars 

Fire Exit is an Alternative Rock band from Delhi. Though for purposes of entirely official nature, they like to categorize Fire Exit as a band that plays 'Progressive Alternative Rock', they truly believe that it falls in the category of bands that are almost impossible to categorize under one single genre of music. Their music is a combination of rock, metal and electronic sounds. The band essentially blends great vocal melody along with instrument harmony, and is based on experimentation with varied time signatures, jazz-influenced bass-lines and an Indian percussion instrument. But at the same time, they like to keep their music simple. As a group of musicians brewing their styles together, they also lay equal focus on the way they 'sound' live and on record, giving importance to not just what they play, but also how all that playing comes together and mixes when it comes out on speakers; hence immense stress is laid on the production of their tracks. Their focus as a band is to create a sound unique to the band, with varied styles of rock, metal and psychedelia coming together for great listening pleasure to both the common listener and other musicians. They lay stress on improving their songwriting and playing as they grow together as a band, looking to create mature and sensible music.

EP 'OkBye' 2011 Track List :

1. Waiting For  Mp3 Download  
2. Poison Ivy
3. Vacuum
4. The Spark
5. Heroes
6. M M L

Other Single Track List :

1. 9:15 
2. The Village Song
3. Blues For Ali  Mp3 Download 
4. I Don't

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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