Great Indian Rock Vol. X (2006)

Great Indian Rock Vol. X is released by Rock Street Journal Magazine in 2006.

Track List:

1. Demonic Resurrection - Apocalyptic Dawn
2. Acrid Semblance - Genesis
3. Indigo Chindren / Superfuzz - What I Really Think
4. Split - Pig Society

5. Joint Family - Drummers Advice

6. Medusa - Pseudo[s] Weepy
7. Prestorika - Sycophant

8. Mantra - X Generation
9. Magdalene - Life Beyond Dea
10. Nakshatra - Beyond Sight  Mp3 Download 
11. Descant - Now

12. Cassini's Division - Only For A While


  1. In 2006 Mumbai rock scence was much better than that of today time.At that time Razzberry Rhinoceros was mecca of Indian rock.Alternative rock bands like Rainvan,Tripwire and Teenage Angst were frequently play at razzberry Rhincerous.

  2. Rightly said 2005/2006 was best time for mumbai rock scence.Venues like Razzberry
    Rhinoceros,various college festivals used to frequently host gigs where Alternative rock bands like Rainvan,Tripwire,Teenage Angst frequently played.


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