Band Members :
Dhruv Goyal - Vocals / Keyboards
Pranav Pahwa - Guitars
Akshay Dwividi - Bass
Shantanu Sudarshan - Drums
Harshit Jain - Sound design / Keyboards

Jester is an Electronic Pop Rock band from Delhi, formed in August 2008 in the Kirori Mal College music society called 'Musoc'. Jester’s sound has evolved over the years into a mix of funk, jazz, blues, rock basically anything that can get you dancing and in the groove. Jester's unique sound has created a large fan base as well as gotten the band a large number of shows. Sharing space with a Indian classical choir and a rather quirky bunch of musicians in 'Musoc', the band opened to a lot of experimentation. Jester finds its inspiration in everyday ironies and general tomfoolery.

Album "Myths And Fables" 2013 Track List :

1. Primer  YouTube 
2. Sepia
3. La Questa
4. Harlequin
5. Broken Arrow
6. Big Bad Wolf  YouTube 
7. Capitol

Single Track List :

1. Jesers Song
2. Cakewalk

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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