Band Members :
Syam N Pai - Guitars
Shabeer P Ali - Bass
Arun S Kumar - Drums

Kaav is an Instrumental Progressive Rock band from Vypin Island, Cochin, formed in 2009. The seclusion of the place brings several limitations; the natural beauty and the coastal lifestyle have an immense influence on the nature of the band’s music. Kaav’s music draws influences from Indian classical music, Folk music, Rock, Metal, World music, Jazz Fusions, Blues, Prog, Psy and Alternative. The word ‘Kaav’ was taken from ‘Kaavu’ or ‘Kaavukal’ which in Malayalam means the traditional shrines with vast variety of vegetation, snakes, small animals and birds as part of it. Fears, mysteries, superstitions, religion, spirituality, evil and folk stories (Kettukathakal) are always associated with kaav. Kerala’s ancient art forms such as Kaliyattam and Theyyam originated in relation with these shrines. As it was the meeting place for the human psyche, it has contributed tremendously in the evolution of several art forms since primeval times. This Vypin Island based band released their eponymous E.P. in September 2010. The EP was recorded at Freddy’s AVG, Cochin, engineered by Nikhil Kakkochan, mixed by Dan Jose at Lal Media Arts, Cochin and produced by Baiju Dharmajan (Motherjane). The EP received raving reviews from various newspapers, magazines and several international websites. Kaav's song ‘Daya’ represented India in the international Indie Music Compilation Album MAP (Music Alliance Project) comprising 35 countries which was featured by ‘The Guardian’ UK. Kaav's video for the song 'Daya' was featured on Coldplay's official website in September 2010. Currently working on their debut album "Rhapshody of Rains" which will be releasing soon.

EP 'Kaav' 2010 Track List :

1. Daya  Mp3 Download Video 
2. Psyche
  Mp3 Download 
3. Kettukatha
  Mp3 Download 

Album "Rhapsody of Rains" 2012 Track List :

1. Aadi
2. Fears Mysterious
3. Kaalichan
4. Thee  Mp3 Download Video
5. Sulthan
6.Rhapsody of Rains
7. Vida
8. Tripping Shanthi

Click Here To Listen Tracks


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