Think Again - Gospel Compilation

"Think Again" is India's first ever online Gospel Compilation released by 'Green Ozone Media' started by Brian D’Souza. It contains so many different genres of music ranging from pop, rock, reggae to funk, metal & Indian fusion. Truly an album of choice, 14 Talented Artists from across the nation that come together and showcase their creative music for God & his people on this album. The album is titled “THINK AGAIN”, which describes the scene best…Think Again before you give into descend the stairway of life to give in to temptation. If you look closer what appears to be an apple is a tomato... hence, looks are deceptive , We are free to choose our own destiny, it’s up to us to make the choice but we got to allow Him to be our guide. The main reason for this compilation is to help Talented Gospel artist’s in this nation get their music out to God’s People. Gospel finally moving into the mainstream and giving these artist’s their much - deserved exposure for their creative efforts.

Track List:

1. Powerfaith (Nagaland) - In His Love Bio
2. The Salvation Crusade (Pune) - Miracle By Faith
3. Cherubim (Mumbai) - Breathe  Bio
4. Intense (Pune) - New Creation  Bio
5. Sunil Noronha (Bangalore) - The Music Talks  Mp3 Download Bio
6. Whitenoiz (Bangalore) - Deliver Us From Evil  Bio
7. Denied Thrice (Mumbai) - Return To Reality  Bio
8. Joshua Generation (Mumbai) - Warning  Bio
9. Naveen J.Anthraper (Kerala) - Your Tenderness  Bio
10. Alum (Mumbai) - A Time For The Light  Bio
11. Benny Prasad (Bangalore) - Shout To The Lord  Bio
12. Blank Dice (Mumbai) - God Is Good  Bio
13. Kilang Pongen (Nagaland) - River of Life  Bio
14. By Grace (Mumbai) - Kairos Song  Bio
15. Powerfaith (Nagaland) - A Different Kid  Bio
16. Kilang Pongen (Nagaland) - Heaven's Celebration  Bio

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  1. Redefining "Gospel"

    While surfing the Internet looking for other music groups that might be involved in World Beat music projects which included a mix of traditional Indian music, soul, blues and gospel I found this compilation by Brian D’Souza! I am African-American by birth and upbringing but I feel that I am also Indian by my adoption of Bhakti Yoga and a devotee lifestyle (I am vegetarian, do not smoke, drink, etc). Nevertheless, I thought that the “gospel music” that I would hear would be more like the Black Gospel songs and sounds that I was brought up listening to and singing in my mother’s Baptist church.

    But this compilation takes the word "gospel" at its full face value in that it redefines or rather enlarges the definition to include any type of music that spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ. The dictionary defines "gospel" as anything that speaks about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. So technically "Black Gospel" music is just a style and the "gospel" of Jesus Christ can also be presented in rock music, new age, heavy metal, etc.

    In fact….. Brian D’Souza’s compilation is the confirmation that any type of music can be "gospel music" and the songs on this CD demonstrate the range and scope of these exceptional artists who as talented spirit souls are trying to express and share their spiritual realizations with anyone who takes the time to listen!

    In conclusion, I must say that this compilation is a job well done and an inspiration to artists such as myself who are working on projects to use traditional Indian music together with soul, blues, black gospel and a pinch of modern technology to create a innovative sound that is spiritual in both content ......and intent! I can only hope that our paths will… by God’s grace…. cross sometime in the near future!
    Namaste! Hare Krsna!

    Shirley Marie Bradby aka (MiraBai Devi Dasi) (FB Page)
    JALEBI Music lead singer (FB Page)
    Music and Mantra (FB Page)
    English_For_You (FB Page)


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