Band Member :
Rahul Das - Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Drum programming/Sampling

Cry is an one man Ambient / Depressive Black Metal project from Hyderabad formed in the winter of 2009 by the disturbed soul of 'I'. The bands music creates a dismal aura reflecting the lyrical themes purely individualistic based on Melancholy, Depression, Agony, Despondency, Negativity, Mind Oppression, Suicide and Longing For Death. The project is now been stopped and started a new project named Purvaja.

Demo "Eternal Screams of Silence" 2009 Track List :

1. Rain  Mp3 Download
2. In Dreams of Depression (Instrumental)  Mp3 Download YouTube
3. Hand Full of Scars  Mp3 Download YouTube 
4. Sui-Side  Mp3 Download YouTube 

Album "SuiSide" 2010 Track List :

1. Tears of Desolation  YouTube 
2. Cry  Mp3 Download YouTube 
3. Hand Full of Scars  YouTube 
4. The Cold And Mourning Winds of Depression YouTube 
5. No Hope No More  YouTube 
6. When Silence Screamed Suicide  YouTube 
7. The Light  YouTube 

Album "Dead Within" 2011 Track List :

1. Overture To Nothingness
2. Requiem For Self  YouTube 
3. For My Dead Soul, A Cradle Song  YouTube 
4. Shattered Reflections  YouTube 
5. Funeral For The Mirror  YouTube 
6. What Time Awaits  YouTube 
7. Lonewolf  YouTube 
8. Void Full of Emptiness
Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


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  2. Whats the password??????

  3. For "SuiSide" (.rar)

  4. Don't need it....simply downloadable....

  5. ok guys need to delete the above comments.....

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  7. well I dont know what pleasure do people get in joblessly trying to degrade artists here,but kid,whoever you are,the truth is that Cry has sold his albums worlwide and has a following.Cry is known for the beautiful melancholic music he creates and the best part is that he represents Indian black metal.Guess you are not human enough to accept and feel all feelings humans are meant to feel.You run away from them pretending to be all brutal and hardcore.You were right,truth hurts (sarcasm intended)

  8. for dead within ...its link broken brother/sister ,help me guys !! please... i wish with 'dead within',thanks ..

  9. Love this band. Depressive and touching tracks. It's a shame it came to an end. 😔🔫


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