Fall of Reason

Band Members :
Kapil Krishnamurthy - Guitars
Former Members :
Muneeb Peeran - Bass
Eddie Khargokar - Vocals
Aamer Peeran - Vocals
Deepak Raghu - Drums

Fall of Reason is an Instrumental Metal band from Chennai, formed in 2007. The band split-up and went onto perform a handful of shows. Soon after which an important change of personnel was recruited to do the screaming duties for the band. The band, in mere months since its inception, had forged it's own unique brand of heavy metal and were at the brink of recording and releasing a full-length when academics and work brought the machine to a disappointing halt. 2010, the project lives on through Kapil as an Instrumental Metal project. 

EP "Reflections" 2012 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Bronson  YouTube 
3. Textament  YouTube 
4. Ellora (ft. Prashant Mathias)
5. Reflections


Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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