Band Members :
Gazi Mehboob - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Neil Sarmah - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
Manash a.k.a. Max - Drums
Madhurjya - Bass

Farmaan is a Rock band from Guwahati, formed in 2007. Farmaan doesn’t have a constrained genre as all the members are having varied influences and musical inclination. It likes to do constant experiments with all kinds of music varying from classic rock & metal to RNB & blues. The band had to face many problems in the initial stages as their language, which was initially Hindi, hindered them to participate in the rock competitions. Hindi rock was completely new and the crowd in Chennai and Bangalore was more inclined to death metal. But now backed by 'Vervain Productions' the band members are not hesitating even to the slightest extent to put their jobs on stake and pursue their true love which is music. Now under the banner of 'Vervain Productions' the band has released their first album "Drihrata" on 23rd May 2010. ‘Drihrata’ contains 9 tracks, 5 in Assamese, and 4 bonus tracks in Hindi. The fact that all the tracks are completely different and each has got its unique style is what makes this band so special. Language doesn’t have a barrier for the band so their lyrics are both in Assamese and Hindi.

Album "Drihrata" 2010 Track List :

1. Pal
2. Zinnah
3. Badzaat Behaya
4. Hasratein  Video 
5. Airport (Assamese Version)
6. Oxanto Hridoy  Video 
7. Lorali
8. Xopun
9. Drihrata

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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