Freddy's Nightmare

Band Members :
Jeff Ralte - Vocals
Jonah Ralte - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Mike Fanai - Bass

Rindy Khiangte - Drums / Percussion

Freddy's Nightmare is a Rock / Funk / Indie band from Aizwal (Mizoram), formed in 22nd of March 2009. Their musical influences range from different styles including Rock n' Roll, Blues, Grunge, Alternative and Punk summed up together in a form of Hard Rock.

EP "Freddy's Nightmare" 2012 Track List :

1. Me And My Brothers  YouTube
2. O  Video
3. Center Stage  YouTube
4. The Lighted Edge
5. I'll Be Fine  YouTube  
6. Dirty Shoes
7. Light 

 Single Track List :

1. Granny Needs Her Medication
2. In Your Pocket  YouTube 
3. Me+You 
4. Away From Here 
5. Get You Through 
6. A Mal Mal In
7. Someday To You
8. A Mal Mal In
9. Death Letter Blues

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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