Band Members :
Aditya Sihag - Vocals
Nilesh Aggarwal - Guitars
Chaitanya Nijhara - Guitars
Anirudh Sharma - Drums
Amogh - Bass / Drums

Incinerate is a Hard Rock / Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2003. The only Indian band to employ two drummers. Curently, the band members are situated in different cities / countries as a result of them pursuing further studies. The band will continue producing more songs in the upcoming days and hope to have an album ready sometime in the near future. Incinerate's first studio recording, consisting of four songs showcasing an amalgamation of heavy metal, hard rock, sombre melodies and dark harmonies.

EP "Burn To Ashes" 2004 Track List :

1. Away  Mp3 Download 
2. Battle Frenzy
  Mp3 Download 
3. Black Harmony (Instrumental)
  Mp3 Download 
4. Age Old Game
  Mp3 Download 

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