Band Members :
Vasu Dixit - Vocals / Guitars / Song Writing
Varun Murali - Guitars
Jishnu Das Gupta - Bass / Backing Vocals
Sanjeev Nayak - Lead Violin
Pavan Kumar
- Percussion / Backing Vocals

Montry Manuel - Drums

Swarathma (means "Soul of the Note" in Sanskrit) is a Folk-Fusion band from Bangalore, formed in 2002 in Mysore when vocalist and songwriter Vasu Dixit met Abhinanth Kumar. Swarathma is a band that believes in the extraordinary in all things ordinary and in the possibilities created through fresh optimistic approaches. Despite all, it is a band of eccentric and enthusiastic guys who understand the strength of humility. The band derives its force from its constantly evolving music and from the spontaneous encouragement they receive at their shows. Swarathma finds its purpose in the music that finds its way to the soul. Swarathma represents the sound of today’s India – rooted in its traditional values and culture yet willing to explore the sounds and styles of Western music.

Album "Swarathma" 2009 Track List :

1. Jaana Kahan Hai Mujhe
2. Pyar Ke Rang

3. Sur Mera
4. Patte Saare
5. Ee Bhoomi
6. Bolo Kya Hai
7. Barsenge
8. Pyaasi  Video

Album "Topiwalleh" 2012 Track List :

1. Topiwalleh  Video  
2. Koorane
3. Rishton Kaa Rasta
4. Khul Ja Re
5. Ghum
6. Naane Daari
7. Aaj Ki Taaza Fikar  Mp3 Download Video
8. Mukhote
9. Duur Kinara
ft. Shubha Mudgal  Video 
10. Yeshu Allah Aur Krishna  (Live)Video

Single Track List :

1. Naane Daari  Video 
2. Iss Seher

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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