Band Members :
Vikas Sorenn - Vocals
Jimmy Jacob - Vocals / Guitars
Aaquib Wani - Guitars
Robin John - Bass
Udit Mahar - Drums

Phobia is a Metal band from Delhi, formed in the later half of 2008. Now their genre is categorized under various genres relating to Metalcore, Progressive and Hardcore, the band likes to think of themselves as an Experimental Progressive Metal outfit. The band has gathered quite a pace and punch, mesmerizing and petrifying audiences across and gathering accolades and appreciation from all quarters. With a trial of over whelming response wherever they've played at, the band doesn't seem to be looking back. Currently they are working on their debut untitled EP.

Single Track List :

1. The Trojan  Video  
2. Radical Contradictions
3. False Impression
4. The Imposter

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

Phobia - The Trojan (Live)

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  1. The Trojan....\m/.. love the song..


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