Bridge To Elsewhere

Band Members :
Akshay George - Vocals
Samvid Sharma - Guitars
Nikhil Maira - Drums
Sameer Puri - Bass
Sarthak Dev - Keyboards
Former Member :
Siddhant Agarwal - Guitars

Bridge To Elsewhere is a Progressive / Ambient / Classic Rock band from Delhi. The band started out as a thought and perception two years back. Following that notion it rendered a few gigs and underwent a dynamic transition, only to bring together the strongest lineup. A recreation of soft notions, happiness, contradictions, aggression and many such emotions. Its an ellipse of combined energy, focused to make a first impression which will make you smile and want more. A synergy of resurrection and re-invention, much away from the literals and norms of many social conventions. Influenced by their own experience, put together in a bunch of power packed melodies, licks, rhythms, slaps, grooves and ambience, fully mastered and equalized. They present to you a genre, which they believe to be different and refreshing.

Single Track List :

1. Sausage  Mp3 Download
2. If I Could  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 
3. Fly Away
4. TWOT  Mp3 Download  
5. Break Some Bones  Mp3 Download  
6. I Still Remember You  Mp3 Download  
7. Hope  Mp3 Download  
8. Always  Mp3 Download  
9. Untill The End  Mp3 Download

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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