Band Members :
Achint Thakkar - Guitars / Vocals
Suraj Manik - Bass
Aditya Ashok - Drums
Eden Shyodhi - Backing Vocals

Rosemary is a is an Alternative Rock band from Mumbai, formed in December 2007. They all met in school and formed a band called Silver, and Rosemary was formed later in December 2007. Their music is essentially modern alternative rock within which you can see a good amount of ambient and 60’s psychedelic influence. The band started off playing at every other college competition in order to try and get their music out to the current independent music enthusiast. They’ve played at various college competitions, even performed at IIT Kanpur, NLS Bangalore strawberry fields and many more places. They won the Mumbai festival at band stand and Bits - Pilani fest. They were into the finals at Mood I and Campus Rock Idols along with bagging the best emerging band award from Rolling Stone at the Jack Danniel Rock Award. But after having opened for Porcupine Tree, a major international act in December 2009 at IIT Mumbai, Rosemary decided to move out of the college circuit and start gearing up for bigger things. Their first album is in the pipeline and the band is putting in a lot of effort to ensure that the end product is as close to what a live Rosemary experience would be. 

EP "A Legacy of Ruined Days" 2011 Track List :

1. Good Evening  YouTube 
2. Sapphire Constellation  YouTube 
3. Bliss  YouTube 
4. Peaches And Cream  YouTube 
5. Legacy of Ruined Days  YouTube 
6. Late Night (Syd Barrett Cover)  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. The Ingredients
2. Golden Trees  Mp3 Download 
3. Scatter

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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