Brutal Pokhara Compilation [only Indian bands]

Brutal Pokhara is an event management cum media and publishing group by 'Zivon Gurung' focusing totally on the underground scene of Pokhara, Nepal and rest of the world. Brutal Pokhara has released an online compilation album comprising bands from all over the world. The only aim of this release was to bridge the gap between the scenes from all corners of the world. Have released two sets of compilation "Occult Science of Metal" and "Noisedoom". This is just a part of the compilation released by Nepal Underground consisting Indian bands only.


1. Vendetta - VENDETTA
2. Blood Tears - PISAKAS
3. We Can’t - IF HOPE DIES
4. Fragmented To Live - CATW
5. IntraNervous - HEISENBERG
6. Ammunition - AGE OF CHAOS
7. Soul Destruction - ALIEN GODS
8. Misery In You - EXILED SANITY
9. Present Chaos - PLAGUE THROAT
10. Lord of Kaos - KRAZY ELECTRONS
11. Futile Dogma - DARK DESOLATION
12. Maid of The Mist - WEIRD ANXIETY
13. The Silent Scream - MEYNOM TURR
14. Grim Shutdown - EVIL CONSCIENCE
15. Coup De Grace - ARCANE DECEPTION
16. Pseudo Showcase - WHAT ESCAPES ME
17. Reek of the Rotten - VILE IMPALEMENT
18. We Happily Everafter - NOYZE AKADEMI
19. A Lullaby for The Souls - ELVISH MIRAGE
21. Acrimony of Terrorism - DARK CARNAGE
22. Yes Today Is Doomsday - BURN THE WATER
23. Blasphemy Ov A Diabolic - INSANE PROPHECY
24. Man Whore Meets Women Whore - XAITAN KAUN?
25. Primal Wants of A Divine Creation - DARK MURDER SCHEME
26. Dherai Laajj (Tribute to the Legend) - GRUNGY MORPHINS

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  1. You should give Us Credit for us(nepalunderground.com).


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