Infinite Quest (IQ)

Band Members :
Khayam - Vocals
Himanshu- Keyboards
Piyush - Rhythm Guitars / Vocals
Kripesh - Lead Guitars
Mohit - Bass
Ashish - Drums

Infinite Ques (IQ) is an Alternative / Rock band from Bikaner. They had stunting group earlier "Bandits" which got disturbed due to further studies. But on the reunion party of Bandits, Mohit (Bassist), Piyush (Guitarist), Himanshu (Keyboard) and Khayam (Vocals) having hard intrest in music decided to make band. Earlier they decided to name it 'Banditz'. During jamming session they met Kripesh (Lead guitarist) and Ashish (Drummer) with crazy skills on individual instruments. Thus they renamed the band "Infinite Quest (IQ)". 

Single Track List :

1. Khwaab  Mp3 Download YouTube 


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