Reverrse Polarity

Band Members :
Gaurav Kataria - Vocals
Shikhar Manchanda - Guitars
Jordan Veigas - Bass
Gautam Deb - Drums

Reverrse Polarity is a Hardcore / Progressive Metal band from Mumbai, formed in April '08 but took off mid-September'08. Since then they has paved its way in the metal scene gaining recognition and popularity that other bands can only hope to achieve in such a short span of time. Reverrse Polarity is constantly reinventing themselves. They write about contemporary topics which help them connect to the young generation. The specialty of the band is the subtle Indian touch that they give to all their compositions. Their shows have known to generate hysteria amongst the audience that watches them. While they have an incredibly loyal fan base, they are looking at taking the band to the next level by reaching out to more music lovers across the country and around the world. Currently the band is working on their debut album.

Album "Reverrse Polarity" 2013 Track List :

1. iPood
2. Jagerbombs  YouTube 
3. Cross Polly Nation
4. Gollum
5. Pigmented Ink
6. Untitled Epic Thing
7. RAR  YouTube   
8. The Dreaming
9. Johnny's Horny
10. Stupid Boy

Single Track List :

1. Empty Faces  Mp3 Download (Live)Video 
2. Clusterphobia
3. My Paper Princess  (Live)Video  
4. Sinderella
5. Crosspolynations
6. Avenged Angel
7. Bitter Sweet Misery
8. My Gimmick
9. Fire On The Floor
10. Behind
11. Groove
12. Attack of The Sonic Skybricks
13. Journey
14. Forth
15. Lullaby
16. Feel

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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