Stoned Seahorse

Band Members :
Shrawan Banerjee - Vocals / Guitars
Aakash Dusane - Guitars
Sharan Lb - Drums
Tania Zedora Liza - Vocals

Stoned Seahorse is an Experimental Rock band from Bangalore, formed in the summer '11. The band was co-founded by Aakash Dusane and Shrawan Banerjee. The band was originally named "Death of a ZooZoo" and then "Death by Fault", before the founders decided on the name "Stoned Seahorse". There is really no meaning behind the name - the founders just thought of it as an unusual and a funny idea. The band was later joined by Tania Liza, who is probably taking up the vocal duties. Stoned Seahorse is now in the process of recording demo's.

Single Track List :

1. The Hell Gateway  Mp3 Download YouTube
2. Lemme Be  Mp3 Download YouTube
3. Into The Void (Black Sabbath Cover)  Mp3 Download 

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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