What Escapes Me

Band Members :
Shourav - Vocals
Sayan - Guitars
Arindam - Guitars
Joy - Bass
Sambit - Drums

What Escapes Me is a Metalcore band from Kolkata, formed in mid 2009. The bands genre is Metalcore, though their songs also have Progressive elements and Djent influences. Their track 'Pseudo Showcase' is been featured in an International Compilation album "Noisedoom" released by 'Brutal Pokhara'. Their track 'Maze of Mutual Apocalypse' is been featured in a compilation album titled Unholy Maunder Indian Rock Vol.I and Brutal Bengal - Alloy Armageddon. Their track 'Section 66 Part 5' is been featured in an album titled Metallers Mayhem II.

Album "Egress Point" Track List : [Not Yet Released]

:Track list not yet revealed:

Single Track List :

1. Coalesce
2. Pseudo Showcase
3. Empty Signs
4. Flashback
5. Section 66 Part 5  YouTube 
. Killing Tomorrow

7. My Reality
8. Maze of Mutual Apocalypse  Mp3 Download 
9. Avenge
10. The Truth of A Lie  Video 

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  1. these guys deserve more fame & attention than those shitty bengali bands...they r the reason why i dnt listen to bengali songs anymore..

  2. I thnk dis band rly deserve a lot more respect dey hve dat potential in dem....hope to c dem in international platform......Sourav u rck..\m/......


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