Bliss Logic

Band Members :
Lima Yanger - Vocals / Lyrics
JD Thirumalai - Bass
Lindsay D'Mello - Drums
Former Member :
Sanjay Joseph - Guitars 

Bliss Logic is an Ambient / Pop Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2002. The music of singer-songwriter Lima Yanger, drummer Lindsay D’Mello and bassist J D Thirumalai, who formally made a debut as a band in 2009, is easily digestible pop rock. The trio’s self-produced album "The Big Thaw" was released in 2009, and included collaborations with Dhruv Ghanekar and Randolph Correia (Shaa'ir + Func) amongst others. In 2002, Yanger’s current band mates drummer Lindsay D’Mello and bassist JD Thirumalai produced two tracks for "Sleeping Buddha’s" self titled debut album.

Album "The Big Thaw" 2009 Track List :

1. MSV (More Soft Vibes)
2. Wednesday
3. New Message
4. Trying
5. Window
6. Everyday  Video 
7. The Big Thaw
8. Rude
9. Sheera
10. Spill

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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