I Quit


Band Members :
Nikhil - Guitars / Vocals
Sushil - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Amit - Bass
Mayank Arora - Drums

I Quit is a Punk / Alternative band from Chandigarh. Once upon another time, four friends were sitting in a lawn; they were agitated by the power cut, mosquito bites and Gig’s headache. Suddenly Tau said ‘I Quit’, he was fed up of playing off beats in the band, as they were obsessed with it! Tau, a self taught Haryanavi bassist, always inspire band to make simple note to note music but Sushil being musically illiterate, always makes it a bit complicated. So Tau’s words turned out to be the band’s name later.

Single Track List :

1. B.I.L.Y. (Because I Love You)  Mp3 Download
2. Irish Tie  Mp3 Download
3. Sloppy Show  Mp3 Download YouTube
4. Far Away
5. Happily Never After
6. I Won't Let This Go
7. Be My Girl

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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