The Colour Compound

Band Members :
Rohan Mazumdar - Vocals / Guitars
Bradley Tellis - Vocals / Guitars
Adil Kurwa - Bass
Aditya Ashok - Drums

The Colour Compound is an Alternative Pop Rock band from Mumbai, formed at the end of 2010. The band is a melting pot of 4 versatile musicians that brought their vibrant colours together to produce some simple yet refreshing music. There’s a jarring simplicity evident in their music with vocal harmonies laid over melodic guitar lines that sit into a cosy rhythm section. Lyrics that speak of life as we know it and music that doesn’t make you think any more than you need to.

EP "Sincerely Yours" 2011 Track List :

1. You Are Everywhere
2. What's The Worst
3. The Other Side
4. Can't Afford To Cry
5. Miracles And Magic
6. Just Another Deja Vu

Album "From Where We Stand" 2014 Track List :

1. You Make Me Me
2. So I'm Told  YouTube 
3. Re-arrange
4. Turn Back Time  YouTube (Live)Video 
5. Porcelain People
6. Brighter Days
7. You Are Everywhere
8. What Lies Inside
9. Lately

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Single Track List :

1. By Your Side

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  1. Simple music, full of melody ..

  2. Beautiful stuff guys!

  3. just great music... all the best


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