Alobo Naga & The Band

Band Members :
Alobo Naga - Vocals / Guitars / Piano / Bamhum
Akum Jams - Guitars / Ukulele / Vocals
Fung Walling - Bass / Vocals

Theja Khate - Drums / Percussions / Vocals
DJ Sumika Yepthomi - Turntable / Guitars / Vocals

Alobo Naga & The Band is a Contemporary Progressive Rock band from Dimapur (Nagaland), formed in October 2010. The band comprises of five musically talented youngsters, hell-bent on creating good music and has several shows to its credit since its inception in Nagaland and outside the state. Currently the band is working on their debut full-length album.

EP "Painted Dreams" 2011 Track List :

1. Free
2. Painted Dreams  Video 
3. The End  Video 
4. Color My World  YouTube  

Single Track List :

1. Hold On  Video 
2. In Love With You  Video  
3. Kumsujulo  YouTube
4. Its All Right
5. The Greatest Gift  Mp3 Download 
6. Laughter & Tears
7. All We Have Is Now  Video  

Click Here To Listen The Tracks


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