Brutal Pokhara - Build On Chaos Field

Brutal Pokhara is an event management cum media and publishing group by 'Zivon Gurung' focusing totally on the underground scene of Pokhara, Nepal and rest of the world. "Brutal Pokhara - Build On Chaos Field" is a cross-country split demo featuring bands from 4 countries : Narsamhaar - Nepal (Death Metal), Exiled - Indonesia (Deathcore), Project X-Pyre - Pakistan (Progressive Metal), Wingit - Indonesia (Black Metal) and Plague Throat - India (Death/Grind).



1. Wingit - Bisikan Sang Iblis
2. Narsamhaar - God Wants My Blood
3. Plague Throat - Present Chaos
4. Project X-Pyre - Repulsive Contraction
5. Exiled - Terjebak Dalam Kematian

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