Cemetery Gates : Ronnie James Dio, In memoriam

Cemetery Gates is India’s first Metal band festival of its magnitude and its to bring together the large gathering of metal musicians across the country. Put together as a tribute to the greatest metal singer of all times, 'Ronnie James Dio', who passed away recently, much to the lament of not only every living metal music lovers, but from music lovers of all genres. Ronnie James Dio is a legend. Cemetery Gates inspired from a Pantera Song by the same name, is the Indian Metal Lovers way of acknowledging the man, the musician he was and he will be sorely missed. The compilation album features 24 bands from all over the country.


1. Demonic Ressurection - A Tragedy Befallen
2. Eccentric Pendulum - Sculptor of Negative Emotions

3. Theorized - Venomous Tormentia
4. Corrode - Corrode
5. Rocksault - Epiphany
6. Acrid Semblance - Litany For Fear
7. Asthra - Veil of Isis
8. Lake of Death - The Truth
9. Slain - Judgement Calls
10. Wolfs Lair - Ronnie James Dio
11. Atomic Meltdown - Break The Mirror
12. Infernal Wrath - The Destruction of The Third Temple

1. Inner Sanctum - Eye of False

2. Abandoned Agony - Deformed
3. Eschers Knot - Mayan Calender
4. Scribe - I Love You, Pav Bhaji
5. Purple Blood - Darkness Falls
6. The Mechanix - Magneto
7. Verses - Call For Salvation
8. The Velvet Trap - Last Stand
9. Band Aid - Covered In Blood
10. Undying Inc - Breeding Goods
11. Blind Image - Deciphered
12. Crypted - Flesh Eater

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