Divine Connection

Band Members :
Obed Kath -  Vocals
Lichen Kich - Guitars
Bendang Kichu - Drums
Former Members
Zakie - Guitars
Ruth Nukhu - Keyboards
Mhathung Odyuo - Bass

Divine Connection is a Christian Rock band from Kohima, Nagaland, formed in 31 September 2004. The band is a multi faceted which experiments Rock, Blues, Funk Jazz, Hindi and contemporary Gospel Music. DC has earned themselves headlining slots at college fests and major music events and eventually performing alongside international sensations. With over hundreds of concerts across the country and even abroad to their credit, apart from that Divine Connection as a whole attracting countless laurels: each of the 4 individuals has gradually become a key figure in the music community and won several awards for their outstanding proficiency, Best Guitarist, Bassist and best vocalist awards. The media have always been kind to Divine Connection: with featured articles in acclaimed Indian Music magazines Rollingstone (Mumbai), RSJ (Rock Street Journal), and also in countless mainstream newspapers and websites. They’ve been invited for interviews and in-studio performances aired on televisions and Radio. Dc has shared stage with bands such as Dub L.F.O (Israel), Too late lucy (U.K) etc. They have also played along with some of the better Indian bands like Parikarma, Raghu Dixit, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt , Bhayanak Maut, Motherjane, Mind Snare.

Album "El Roi" 2008 Track List :

1. El Roi  Mp3 Download 
2. Original Abomination
3. Tell Me Who  Mp3 Download
4. Thank You  Mp3 Download
5. Why Can't I Find Love  Mp3 Download
6. Fallen  Mp3 Download
7. Second Woe  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2
8. Without You  Mp3 Download
9. My All  Mp3 Download 
10. One Together  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2

Single Track List :

1. It's Love  Video 
2. Little Help
3. Some May Say
4. Roko

Click Here To Listen Tracks


  1. A real pride for us to have such a superb rock band!

  2. love this band.... by endless worship band

  3. Awesome band. Rocking music. I still listen and watch their MTV Rock on show on youtube.

  4. Awesome band. Really love to watch them. I still watch their MTV Rock On show on youtube.

  5. bishi khushi paishe.. :)

  6. I really lyke ur band...
    Long lve Divine Connection Band..
    May God Be With U..

  7. hey guys...need a small help
    how contact this band..coz we wanna invite them to perform in our university
    if anyone knows how to contact them pls let me know
    thnak you :)


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