In Human

Band Members :
Ankit Mitra - Vocals / Guitars
Korak Sarkar - Drums
Anirudh Goswami - Bass
Shiladitya Sengupta aka. Phish - Guitars

In Human is a Technical / Death Metal band from Kolkata, formed somewhere in mid of 2007. The band are among the one who started Kolkata's biggest Metal Community "The Pit". The band has been notorious for rarely performing live and also for not participating in music competitions - which serve as the rare platform for the city's 'metal bands' to perform live. The band has also been 'accused', multiple times, of being a 'cover/tribute band' due to the fact that they litter their live set with covers of 'Death'. No matter what the stories are, the band has been steadfast in their endeavour, to make music and play live on their own terms. Their major influences are Death, Cynic, Megadeth, etc.

Album "Voices" 2010 Track List :

1. The Soul
2. In Human Mortality
3. Power Struggle
4. Vicious Cycle  Video 
5. Residual Emotions
6. Rigor Mortis
7. I Am Legion

To Stream Tracks :  Link 1  Link 2

Tracks : 'The Soul' and 'In Human Mortality'

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