India Rocks

India Rocks is a compilation album released by EMI in 2009 featuring some of the hottest Rock bands of India.


1. Penatagram - This Is For My People  Mp3 Download 
2. Parikrama - But It Rained
  Mp3 Download 
3. Avial - Nada Nada  Mp3 Download 
4. Raghu Dixit - Khidki  Mp3 Download 
5. Mrigya - Ganga  Mp3 Download
6. Advaita - Ghir Ghir  Mp3 Download
7. Swarathma - Pyar Ke Rang  Mp3 Download
8. Punkh - Yunajaa  Mp3 Download
9. Para Vayu - Rush Hour  Mp3 Download
10. Something Relevant - Aha  Mp3 Download
11. Thermal And A Quarter - Words And Pictures  Mp3 Download
12. Soulmate - I Am  Mp3 Download
13. Junkyard Groove - It's Ok  Mp3 Download
14. Menwhopause - Fly Away  Mp3 Download
15. Medusa - I Become I  Mp3 Download
16. Indigo Children - Irresistible  Mp3 Download
17. Them Clones - The Bomb Song  Mp3 Download


  1. Hi Sid, thanks for this link and the mp3s... I'd also like to tell you I have shared this link with the Rock Music Manipur, a Yahoo group... please let me know if you have any issue... and keep sharing the good things!

  2. share it! absolutely....this is all for sharing.....n thanx....

  3. I own this cd. its really good.

  4. I really appreciate your kindness \m/


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