The Mechanix

Band Members :
Navneeth - Vocals
Auri Mazumder - Guitars (Ex. Progardin, Strophoid)
Siva "Gross Mora" - Bass (Ex. Armor of God, Kaashmora, Blind Image)
Vishnu Reddy - Drums (Crypted, Trojan Horse)

The Mechanix is a Thrash / Deathcore band from Bangalore, formed in the earlier months of 2010. The band that have tried to merge the ideas of human innovation and ambience to the ever changing genres of metal.

Single Track List :

1. Cyclotron  (Live)Video 
2. Shock Proof Ressurgence
3. Sonic Reflex  (Live)Video 
4. Breakdown Machine
5. Magneto

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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