Band Members :
Arghadeep Baruah - Vocals
Chinmoy Talukdar - Keyboards
Junak Gogoi - Guitars
Dip Boro - Bass

Tinkle Das - Drums

Voyage is a Hard Rock / Ballad Rock band from Guwahati, formed in October 2010.  Their genres varies from Hard Rock to Power Metal. Voyage could very well be the flagbearers for power metal resurgence in the region, going by the way they have listeners wreathing up their act - high pitched vocals, melodic guitar and keyboard expertise and perfect song-stucture included. Their music is mainly influenced by X-Japan, Journey, Gary Moore, Whitesnake etc.

Single Track List :

1. My Love
2. After December  Mp3 Download  
3. Forever Yours

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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  1. U guys r truly awesome. Keep going.

    1. thanks a lot :)
      really means a lot \m/


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