Band Members :
Harish Sivaramakrishnan - Vocals / Violin
Swamy Seetharaman - Keyboards

T Praveen Kumar - Guitars
Jagadish Natarajan - Guitars
Vignesh Lakshminarayanan - Bass / Backing Vocals
Ganesh Ram Nagrajan - Drums / Backing Vocals
Sivakumar Nagarajan - Percussions

Former Member :
Suraj Satheesh - Guitars

Agam is a Contemporary Carnatic Progressive Rock band from Bangalore, formed in 2006. Agam derives its name from the ancient tamil word which translates to 'the inner self'. Agam's music encapsulates the boundless, vibrant emotions of the human psyche. It explores, depicts and contemplates these countless aspirations and sentiments of the inner self. Their music combines the myriad hues of melodic scales and intricate rhythm structures offered by carnatic music with the aesthetic principles and tonal elegance from western world. 

Album "The Inner Self Awakens" 2012 Track List :

1. Brahma's Dance  (Live)Video 
2. Dhanashree Thillana
3. Rudra
4. Boat Song
5. Swans of Saraswati
6. Malhar Jam  (Live)Video 

Single Track List :

1. Searching For Heavens
2. Mystical Abheri
3. Nothing But Hope!
4. Amma - The Origin of My Soul
5. Raag Dhanashree
6. Rudra  (Live)Video 
7. Path of Aspirations
8. Saramathi Blues
9. Path of Aspirations
10. Muqammal
11. Vaishnav Janato
12. Kooth Over Coffee
13. Aaromale
14. Live Again ft. Shreya Ghoshal
15. Lakshiya Paadhai (Path of Aspirations)  (Live)Video 
16. Sree Raagamo  (Live)Video 
17. Uyire  (Live)Video 
18. More Balma ft.Sandeep Vasishta on the flute
19. Live Again ft.Shreya Ghoshal
20. Searching For Heavens
21. Over The Horizon

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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  1. Can I get a download link or streaming link for Kooth over coffee.


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