Franks Got The Funk

Band Members :
Bjorn Surrao - Vocals / Guitars / Synthesizer
Sajith Satya - Bass / Guitars
Shashank Vijay - Drums / Percussion / Programming

Franks Got The Funk is an Electronic Rock / Alternative band from Chennai, formed in 2009. The band draw influences from various other musical genres such as Funk, Alternative, Rock, Blues etc so that everyone has something to go along with the bands "Funk". The band has a simple principle which they stick to when making their music – It’s all about fun and love for the music based on situations and incidents which they’ve been through. In fact, the sole motivation for the band to record and release their music is to get the music out there to the people. The surging energy and the addictive songs the band churns out are complemented by the capturing stage presence and wacky costumes, which keeps audiences enraptured and jumping.  

EP "The Next Level" 2011 Track List :

1. Franks Got The Funk  YouTube 
2. Fast Song
3. Dynamite
4. Cop Chase
5. Old Man

Single Track List :

1. Jigsaw
2. Insane Mumbojumbo
3. We Caught The bull By Its Udder
4. Corvus  YouTube 
5. Land of The Dreamer  Video 
6. Celebration

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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