Band Members :
Agastya Rishi - Lead Guitars
Sushant Chaudhary - Rhythm Guitars / Vocals
Abhishek Durani - Bass / Backing Vocals
Arpan Vadhera - Drums

Fused is an Alternative / Indie band from Chandigarh, formed in mid-2010. The band includes 4 totally awesome yet different minded school kids who play for self-satisfaction, create music for the people, and yes of course, for the sake of forming a band! They've been gigging a lot in the Chandigarh rock circuit, and have rose to great fame. Recently, they released their first single 'Bottle of Wine' which received widespread acclaim and also got featured on the 5th installment of the popular Stupiditties Compilation album. They create music to make people dangle along, and dance to the grooves!

Single Track List :

1. Bottle of Wine  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 
2. Residue
3. Super Trip
4. Live-Wire

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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  1. God bless you guys....wish you success in life...:):)


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