Band Members :
Mickey Santiago - Vocals
Vicky Marlbro - Guitars
Gideon Santiago - Bass
Savio Antique - Drums

Kerigma is a Metal band From Chennai, formed in 2009 by brothers Mickey and Gideon Santiago and their close friends Savio Antique and Vicki Marlboro who came together for the sheer love for Music. The tracks focus on positive human ethical values and social ideologies. Their purpose is to be a positive driven band and to deliver the same to the listener as they speak on personal and social injustice related themes in some of their songs.

Single Track List :
1. Runaway
2. Change Your Life
3. Friends
4. Hyprcrite

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

1 comment:

  1. Hi, what a song run away is best track wow i like it...i here to lisen all the track form Kerigma plz add to my email....


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