Pillbox 666

Band Members :
Vikram Bhat - Vocals (Dying Embrace, Gruesome Malady)
Ganesh Krishnaswamy - Bass (Bevar Sea)
Nolan Lewis - Guitars (Kryptos)
Deepak Raghu - Drums
(Dying Embrace, Bevar Sea, Shepherd)

Pillbox 666 is a Heavy Metal band from Bangalore. It is a four man retro death squad put together with the sole objective of launching all out heavy metal assault on the senses. Influenced by past war masters Black Sabbath, Bolt Thrower, Motorhead, Autopsy, Candlemass, Slayer, Sodom and many more, Pillbox 666 pay tribute to the old school with a barrage of grimy covers and bladder busting binges.

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