Public Issue

Band Members :
Christopher Stanley - Vocals
Nipun Nair - Guitars
Handel Jim - Bass
Vinay Ramakrishnan - Drums
Former Member :
Vinodh Rubin a.k.a Tibu - Bass

Public Issue is a Progressive Funk Rock band from Chennai, formed in 2005. They have won several college festivals / competitions and were second runners up at Campus Rock Idols in 2007, as well as winners of the Chennai leg of Channel V Launchpad 2011. With an affinity for 'twisting the simple stuff', 'groovifying the time signatures', and 'Funkifying it in its entirety', they hit a gold mine with their ridiculously unexplainable genre! 

Single Track List :

1. S.W.A.B.  Mp3 Download (Live)Video 
2. Clockwork  Mp3 Download
3. Fire  Mp3 Download
4. Nuff Sed
5. From The Top
6. PI
7. Spiderpig feat. Vivin Kuruvilla  (Live)Video 
8. Break The Silence

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