Band Members :
Amey - Vocals / Guitars
Shaggy - Bass / Vocals
Aditya Gaikward aka. Jack - Drums / Electronics
Simran - Sound / Tech

Tripwire is a Punk Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2002. They started out playing college festivals, and have been featured on a number of compilations like (We Are the Scene 1 & 2, Enter Exist Exit, Stupid Ditties 2) and a limited version copy of the video of the bands performance at GIR 2005. They released their debut album "StandBy" in 2009.

Album "StandBy" 2009 Track List :

1. Boredom
2. God Likes To Sleep
3. Housewives
4. Support Piracy
5. Norm The Guy Is Cool
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6. Band In Bed
7. Thats Not What I Want
8. Stab My Wallet
9. Frozen Portrait

10. Madison Lane
11. Why Am I Like This

12. System
13. Tobacco Sux
14. Stupidities

Album "Homeless" 2012 Track List :

1. Make Disorder
2. That's Not What I Want
3. Frozen Potrait
4. Norm The Guy Is Cool
5. Bad In Bed
6. Stab My Wallet
7. Why Are We Like This

Single Track List :

1. Doomed
2. Read My Thoughts (Psycho)

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  2. www.facebook.com/tripwire.gov.in

  3. www.facebook.com/tripwire.gov.in

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