Band Members :
Suchith Suresan - Vocals
Aaron 'Bhuji' Desmond - Guitars
Handel Jim - Bass
Siddharth Kumar - Keyboards
Carl Fernandez - Drums
Former Members :
Chris Thomas - Guitars
Philip Joseph - Bass

Udaan is an Alternative Hindi Rock band from Chennai, formed in 2007, and is presently based out of Chennai, in South India. The band was formed by front man and vocalist Suchith. The band started out as a college band, and they thought that they would break it off when they all passed out. But they were too awesome to let it go just like that. Anyway, getting to the music, they’ve got distorted guitars, incredible keyboard lines, more than amazing vocals and perfectly balanced bass and drum parts.

Single Track List :

1. Udaan  Video 
2. Aayina
3. Soch
4. Zanjeer
5.  Pehla Pyar
6. Woh Din
7. Tere Liye
8. Chaahat
9. Aasmaa
10. Jeena

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